Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

We believe in helping you make informed decisions and realise that appointing or changing your accountant is an important step for you, especially as our modern approach to accountancy is so different to traditional accountants.

With that in mind we'd thought we share with you the most common questions we get asked. There may even be a few there that you hadn't thought of, but that you'll find useful.

You can always use the contact us form to ask us anything that isn't covered here, and we may add your question to this list.

How can you offer such a low price?

1. Our accountants have extensive experience in dealing with clients like you and they have become very efficient at preparing accounts, particularly with our efficient systems.
2. By using SageOne for your bookkeeping, you help to keep costs down as everything is kept in good order in one easy-to-access location, meaning that we can prepare your accounts more quickly.
3. We also use the latest technology to control the administration elements of our system, which helps reduce our overheads and pass the savings directly to you.

Is the quality going to be lower?

Never! We take great pride in our work and carry out all assignments to the highest standards, meeting fully our professional and statutory obligations.
As members of professional accounting bodies, we are bound by their rules of conduct, competence and ethical standards.

As professionally qualified accountants we have to prepare your accounts according to statutory regulations and accounting standards, which we apply consistently to all assignments we carry out.
We take your accounts seriously.

How secure will my data and records be?

We take the security and confidentiality of your information very seriously. We protect your data by ensuring all transmission of data between you and us is encrypted. We use high grade 128–bit encryption which is an industry standard used in internet banking. This stops third parties from being able to view any information you or we send over the internet.

We hold your accounts and taxation information securely behind multi layered firewalls with high grade security and anti-virus software.
Secure internal access to your information is strictly limited to the accountants working on your accounts and taxation.

Find out more about SageOne Security

What is SageOne?

SageOne is the online accounting software service from by Sage, the UK's leading accounting software provider.

  • SageOne can be accessed from anywhere at anytime using an internet connection and a web browser, so there's no installation.
  • SageOne is all in plain English because it's designed for small business owners, not accountants!
  • SageOne make it quick and easy to record all the money leaving your business; it’s their way of helping to numb the pain.
  • SageOne can make working with us effortless. As the service is online we can access your financial information immediately; no more dropping receipts off at an office, or waiting for the post.
  • If you want to show your financial information to a bank manager or potential investor, SageOne can help you. Follow the simple step-by-step processes to record your transactions and SageOne can put that in a format to show how your business is doing.
  • SageOne have made bank reconciliation as simple as possible, it’s step-by-step and straight forward. Just get your high street bank statement and get going.
  • SageOne calculates your VAT based on the information you enter. SageOne can also deal with the different VAT schemes offered by the HMRC. Once SageOne has worked out your VAT return, you can submit it direct to HMRC from within SageOne in just a few clicks.

Who uses SageOne?

There are thousands of small business just like you using SageOne for their bookkeeping, with more signing up everyday.

Here are some video testimonials of current SageOne users:

Paul Martin from Garlic Wood Farm

Edwina Coleman from The Stitchery

Can I have a free trial of SageOne?

Yes, you can have a 30 day free trial, NO payment details are required and there is no further obligations or commitment. We hope you'll enjoy using SageOne and will choose to sign up with for your accounting needs.

Click here to sign up for a Free Trial of SageOne Accounts or Cashbook

Do I need training to use SageOne?

The SageOne website has extensive training videos and articles that can be freely accessed, but it is very easy to use and requires no accounting skills. Also SageOne provides free 24/7 telephone support to answer all your SageOne questions, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day!

Here's what Naomi Watson of E. Watson and Sons said when they wanted a simple system to manage their accounts, "The best thing about SageOne is it's simple. It gives you everything you need, there is nothing in there you don't need. It's saved us loads of time working out our figures. It's easy to understand so you don't need any training."

Do I pay Sage for SageOne separately?

No, you don't have to pay Sage direct. Full, unlimited use of SageOne Cashbook or Accounts online software is included in the package you choose, because we believe in clear pricing with no surprises.

SageOne Payroll users do pay Sage direct for SageOne Payroll is not included in our packages.

I already use SageOne, do I get a discount?

Yes you do, if you have already signed up for SageOne and are paying Sage direct, then let us know so that we can discount your choosen package. We don't believe you should pay for something twice.

This is applicable to the monthly accounting packages only, as the Fast Track Accounts prices are based on you providing the data we need to prepare your accounts from online accounting software.

Can I use other online software packages?

Yes, if you want to keep using existing online accounting software e.g. FreeAgent, KashFlow or Xero, we can still work with you online, you just have to allow us access to your data.

We can transfer your information over to SageOne for you if you'd like to start using SageOne. Just contact us and let us know what software you would like to transfer from.

I need my accounts in a few months, is that possible?

Yes, as long as you have entered all of the income and expenses for the year into online accounting software, we'll be able to prepare your accounts and tax returns for you.
As you won't have been able to make the 12 monthly payments to cover the cost of preparing your accounts, we'll either require a one-off payment, or you can spread the cost over the months between signing up and your accounts being required e.g. 12 months' payments made over 4 months. After these payments are made, your future monthly payments would be reduced to the standard 12 low monthly payments.

I need my accounts in a few WEEKS, is that possible?

Yes, as long as you have entered all of the income and expenses for the year into an online accounting software system, we'll be able to prepare your accounts and tax returns for you.
Using our Fast Track Accounts service we can prepare your accounts for you within 14 days as long as your records are complete.

Find out more on our Fast Track Accounts page.

My turnover is over £150K, is there a package for me?

Yes, please use the contact us form or call us to request a no obligation quote, we may require access to your online records to allow us to quote more accurately.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit or debit card. We also accept bank transfers, Direct debit, Standing Order and Paypal. Just select the appropriate payment method you'd like to use on the Registration form.

If you'd like to change your payment method, email us to let us know and we'll be in touch to get the details and quickly change it over for you.
Never email your credit or debit card details!

Can I send you my manual records instead?

Sorry, to keep costs down we have designed a very efficient paperless method of preparing your accounts which is based on your bookkeeping being recorded in online accounting software.
This allows us to access your information quickly, easily and securely online.
We don't carry out the old fashioned type of accountancy based on paper records, but concentrate on modern efficient accountancy.

Give SageOne a try, you may be surprised just how easy SageOne is to use and how convenient online accounting is for you and your business.

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